Man's Country Chicago

Rules And Regulations

Man’s Country Chicago is a private membership club for men 18 years and older. By signing our application for membership, you agree that you are at least 18 years old and a consenting adult, not offended by the behavior of other consenting adults. You also agree to abide by all house rules and regulations as may from time to time be established and posted by this private membership club. The management reserves the unilateral right to suspend or terminate membership for violation of rules and regulations, falsification of the membership application, or for any other reason.

Guests are required to present their valid Man’s Country membership card and a valid picture ID, or only a valid picture ID each and every time before entering Man’s Country Chicago. If you are not a member you can buy a membership right at the check-in window. The clerk will ask you for your valid picture ID, The information on your picture ID is stored for our use only! We never sell, rent, trade or treated casually your information. We understand and respect and protect your right to discretion. 

Valid ID consists of a picture identification card or driver’s license issued by any state. We do accept passport and consulate ID’s, but we can not accept a speeding ticket, your work id or any other kind of id that isn’t official.

We reserve the right to deny access to our club regardless of membership status.

Regrettably due to privacy reasons we do not offer free tours to our facility, prior to visit our club you must buy a membership and rent a locker or any type of room. Check our rates.

All changing rooms and lockers are rented for a period of 8 hours, renewable only one time for another period of 8 hours. If a member renewed his stay in the club, after the renew time is up, the member must leave the club for at least 8 hours before checking in again.

Customers in overtime will be charged overtime fees. Overtime charge starts right after your rental time is over. Customers in overtime are allowed to renew their stay as long as they have less than 3 hours in overtime. Customers who have more than 3 hours in overtime are NOT allowed to renew their stay, in this case customer must proceed to check-out and wait an 8 hour period of time before visiting the club again.

Man’s Country does not offer in & out privileges, if a member leaves the premises, they must pay for a changing room or locker if they want to check in again.

Cell phones with built-in cameras are treated as any other photographic device use of which is absolutely prohibited inside the club. Violators will have their membership revoked and will be prosecute.

We have a strict zero tolerance policy for possession and use of alcohol or drugs or any illegal activity.

Man's Country Chicago allows smoking ONLY in the area identified as designated Smoking Area. All other areas in the club, smoking is strictly prohibited. Customers caught smoking outside the designated area will be removed from the club without a refund and will have their membership suspended for up to 6 months.

Anyone promoting or advocating bareback sex (unsafe sex) is in violation of club rules and is subject to have their membership revoked.

Any fee or overtime charges owed by members must be paid in full prior to check in.

Man’s Country Chicago is not liable for injuries, not liable for thefts, and not responsible for your personal belongings, in order to protect your personal belongings, Man’s Country offers security boxes upon request, there is no charge for security boxes.
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