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What is this Waiver and Release of Liability?
The Waiver and Release of Liability is a legal document that says you undertake all risk for loss of your property, injury and even death while at or using Manscountry's facilities. Manscountry no longer has liability insurance and will not pay for your losses, injuries or death. By signing this legal document you promise and agree that you will pay for your own losses. Despite signing this Waiver and Release of Liability and still choose to file a lawsuit against Manscountry Chicago, Inc., its owners, agents, landlord and/or employees, you agree to pay for their defense including attorney's fees.

Why am I being asked to sing a Waiver and Release of Liability?
You actually released Manscountry Chicago, Inc. from liability when you joined this private membership club. Recently while deciding we could not afford liability insurance without raising our fees, our attorney suggested we make a stronger worded document that more clearly informed you of the risks and potential risks you are assuming.

What happens if I don't sign the Waiver and Release of Liability?
Unfortunately we can't buy insurance for some members and not for others. You will not be able to enter nor utilize Manscountry's facilities without signing this Waiver and Release of Liability.

What if I still don't understand or want more information?
You may ask speak with our manager, but the best way to understand this Waiver and Release of Liability is to have it reviewed by your own legal adviser. You are encouraged to read it and have it reviewed. Make sure you understand what it means.

Can I have a copy of the Waiver and Release of Liability?
Yes. Just ask the desk clerk for a copy you can take home.


When you joined this private membership club you agreed to abide by the Rules which may from time to time change. Here are the current Rules of the club:

1. You are at least 18 years old and if asked, you will present a valid, government issued, photo identification card as evidence of your identity and age.

2. You understand and agree to Waive and Release the club and various others from liability for loss, injury and death.

3. You will not introduce guns or other weapons, alcohol or other illegal drugs to the club.

4. You will not smoke cigarettes inside the club but rather use the outdoor smoking area.

5. No in and out privileges.

6. You are not offended by naked bodies of either sex, transsexuals, or sex acts performed by any persons regardless of their biological or assumed sex or their sexuality.

7. You understand and agree that this is a sex club and that you may be approached for sex and possibly physically touched. In the event you have any problems with another member or staff member you will not confront the offending member but bring your concern to the attention of the front desk.

8. You agree that you are responsible for locking your belongings, checking any valuables into lock boxes provided at the front desk without charge, and to pay a $25 fee for lost keys.

9. You agree to follow any directions of the club's staff and to pay any late charges assessed by staff.

10. No candles or open flames allowed inside the club. Do not remove light bulbs or other club fixtures.

11. You will promptly exit the club, bringing your towel and/or linen to the front desk at the end of your shift. You agree to pay the current overstay charges in the event you fail to check out on time.

12. You will respect the club and other club members and staff and at all times be courteous.

13. You agree your membership may be terminated, canceled or suspended at any time for any reason.

14. You agree that these Rules may be changed from time to time at the option of the club's ownership or staff, without notice other than posting in the front lobby.

click on the cloud to download a copy of the Waiver and Release of Liability

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