Man's Country Chicago

International Mister Leather 2017

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Are you ready for a weekend of celebration?
No? You better get ready, because finally International Mr. Leather is here!
And there’ll be a lot of things going on over Memorial Day Weekend, and we are sure that you don’t want to miss anything!
So get ready to have fun!

Check out the list of events that will happen during IML 2017

And of course, during International Mr. Leather, Man’s Country Chicago will have the hottest guys from all over the world bouncing off the walls, and believe us, you will want to be at Man’s Country!
So be sure to visit us, and remember:

Man’s Country Chicago does NOT accept rooms reservations.
So plan ahead, because it will be first come, first served.


Check out below our rates for Memorial Day Weekend.
Rates will be on effect
From Friday May 26 2017 4 PM
Until Sunday May 28 2017 8 AM

* all rates are based on an 8 hour period of time.
* we will NOT be accepting rooms reservations over Memorial Day Weekend.
* first come, first served basis.

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