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Before you begin the journey of gay sex always keep in mind a few small rules which everyone should know and stick to.
1) - Always practice Safer Sex, use condoms and lots of water based lubricant!
2) - Never do anything you don't want to do, if you don't feel comfortable, then stop and say no!
3) - No always means no! If he asks you to stop, that means stop, not go slow or anything else!

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Safer Sex
Safer sex means that you always use a condom when you engage in sexual intercourse, never ever engage in sexual intercourse without a condom, the risk is not worth it! Never let a guy ejaculate in your mouth as this is considered risky behavior. If you do do something unsafe, see a doctor within 72 hours at the absolute latest, as there are treatments to stop you getting infected by the nasty lurkies out there, but only if you act really fast!

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Free service offered by Heartland Alliance Human Care to all Man's Country customers.
Due to privacy issues this service is only offered to customers who check-in.
No walk-ins.

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Every first and third Thursday of each monty. From 9PM until 2AM.
We strongly suggest you to call before heading to the club.
HIV test schedule provided by Heartland Alliance Human Care.
Man's Country Chicago is not responsible for schedule changes.

Igor Soloveychik, Clinical Psychologist
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
Hours by appointment only.
(773) 931-4365

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