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Basic Sex Rules & Etiquette

1. Never, never use force. It is never the thing to do. Not if you are married; not if you have previously agreed to have sex; not if all clothes are off. It’s OK to say “NO WAY.” At any point in a sexual relationship, either individual has the right to say, “I think we should stop.”
2. Respect the right of another person to say “no.” When a person says “no” he/she is not saying, “Try harder so I can feel swept away.” When a person feels he/she has gone far enough, it is not an invitation to be seduced.
3. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Always ask the question: “Would I want someone to do this to me, to my sister, to my brother or to a friend?”
4. A couple should recognize that public expression of sexual intimacy might embarrass or offend others. (Get a room!) When expressing oneself sexually, one must respect the sensitivities of others. Your sexual orientation has no bearing on this.
5. It is usually not appropriate to talk about an intimate sexual relationship with a third party. Bragging about sexual conquests can cause a great deal of pain and hurt feelings of others.
6. Both partners in a dating relationship should be prepared to accept responsibility for their actions. Before intercourse both partners should ask themselves, “How would I feel and what would I expect if …..?” The consequences of a sexual relationship (sexually transmitted diseases (STD), pregnancy, and/or long-term issues like pelvic pain and infertility) often fall more heavily on the woman involved. But again, sexual orientation has no exclusive bearing on this.
7. Given the serious potential consequences of sexual intercourse, it is appropriate to inquire about infections a potential partner might have at the present time or might have had in the past.

8. If you don’t feel like, say so. Respect your boundaries, even when you have been in an intimate physical relationship for long, it is not wrong to admit you don’t feel like having sex. Do you worry about your partner being hurt for being turned down? Reassure him that it is “just for now” that you don’t feel like it and that’s it’s not him. You can promise your lover a fabulous time later in the week when you will be bubbling with energy!!!!

9. What to avoid before sex: stay away from garlic, onion, asparagus, alcohol, drugs if you anticipate a sexual encounter in a few hours. You do NOT want to get into bed smelling like a food factory or so intoxicated that you won’t enjoy it completely! Downing a big glass of fruit juice will allow your body fluids to smell and taste delicious!!

10. Be always clean! Enema or douche before sex is recommended, the poop factor can be a real turn-off! Another reason for using enemas before butt sex is practical. If there is "something in the pipe," anal stimulation or bearing down during anal sex can bring on the urge to evacuate. Unless you and your partner are into scat, interrupting sex to take a dump will be, at the least, inconvenient.


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